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YouTube Premium: Disable/Enable Background Playback

 When you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, there are various features you can enjoy, and continuing to hear the video when the screen is off is one of them. But you want to disable this feature for some reason, so when you close YouTube, the audio also disappears. You can change the setting you selected anytime since the change is not permanent. So, if you ever change your mind, you can quickly return to the previous setting. How to Turn Off Background Playback in YouTube Premium on iPad Disabling the background music for YouTube on your iPad doesn’t take long. Once you open the YouTube app, tap on your profile picture and go to Settings . Tap on Background and downloads; the   Background play option will be the first on the list. Background Play for YouTube Premium Tap on the option, and additional options will appear. You can choose from options such as: Always on Headphones or external speakers Off Tap on the option you want to go with, and you’ll know it’s been select