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3 Ways to Swap Columns in Excel

 You created your Excel spreadsheet, but you see that the columns are in the wrong order. You might be tempted to erase everything and start over, but there are a few ways to rearrange the order without having to erase everything. With different methods to choose from, you can go with the one that best works for you. Keep reading to see what steps to follow to swap columns in Excel. How to Swap Columns in Excel Let’s get started with the fastest way to swap columns in Excel. First , select the column you want to move so that it’s highlighted. Place the cursor so that it turns into four arrows pointing in different directions. Hold down the Shift key and drag the column to where you want to put it. As you drag it, you’ll see a green line where the column will appear. Let go of the buttons you’re pressing, and your column will be in its new area. That’s your first method and the quickest one. If you moved the wrong column, you can press Ctrl + Z, which will undo what you

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